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Trusty Leaflet Distribution UK has a dedicated team of ‘tried and tested’ adult distributors.  All leaf letters are recruited because they are experienced in delivering leaflets, telephone directories and in many cases are either current or former postal workers. 

Because most of the distribution carried out through Trusty Leaflet Distribution is on a shareplan basis and we use ‘seed’ leaflets to accompany clients leaflets we are able to track the response that is coming in from the ‘seed’ leaflet to ensure that distributions are being carried out in correctly.  All distributors are expected to provide a leaflet report sheet as evidence that they have carried out the distribution for us.  Clients are able to contact us to discuss the distribution which has been carried out so that we can go through the details of the distribution once completed. 

We are constantly monitoring the distributors who are delivering leaflets and because we have such a large network of distributors carrying out small quantities of distribution we are able to effectively identify problem distributors and remove them from the campaign, so ensuring that customers’ leaflets are delivered as smoothly as possible. 

Many of our distributors work part time and are often from professional backgrounds, maybe working part time to maintain their levels of exercise.  We look to constantly recruit ‘the right type of distributor’ – reliable, disciplined, organised, honest and of course holding a level of integrity which must go hand in hand with effective leaflet distribution in order to produce the levels of return on investment that our customers are looking for.  Whilst we cannot guarantee that householders will immediately pick up the phone or walk into your store we are constantly looking to ensure that they have been presented with the opportunity to view your product or service through leaflets delivered into their homes. 


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