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What Is Solus Leaflet Distribution?

Solus leaflet distribution simply means that you leaflet is delivered on its own with no other accompanying leaflets.

This is THE recommended way to deliver leaflets for companies as we have found that the results achieved from solus leaflet delivery when promoting your business via letterbox marketing are dramatically more than those achieved via shared leaflet distribution (your leaflet delivered with other non-competing businesses).

We believe the reasons for this difference in response can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Less competition on the doormat for the prospective customers attention
  • No chance of your leaflet being overshadowed by another 'killer' leaflet which might be in the same leaflet drop.
  • Less chance of your leaflet being seen as just some more 'junk mail'.

With solus leaflet distribution you'll also find your results easier to measure. There are fewer variables such as those mentioned above when it comes to finding out whether your solus leaflet distribution was profitable or not and whether or not to roll out the campaign in bigger quantities.

As with all leaflet distribution we'd still recommend 'testing' your leaflet first on smaller quantities but large enough quantities to make sure you get a good enough sample for your results to be anywhere near reliable.

Maybe consider a 'test' solus distribution of say 10,000 leaflets to check whether your leaflet and the distribution is working. Its not too many to hopefully break the bank of your business, but it should be enough to get some kind of results together on the success of your campaign.

We don't believe that delivering 1,000 or 2,000 leaflets is enough of a trial to check whether a solus leaflet distribution campaign will work or not, but its your business so you make your own commercial decisions.

Solus Leaflet Distribution Versus Shared Leaflet Distribution

The Benefits Of Solus Leaflet Distribution

  • Fewer variables to measure your leaflet delivery results against.
  • Less competition for prospective customers attention.
  • Less likely to be seen as more 'junk mail'.
  • No chance of being wiped out by an accompanying 'killer' leaflet.
  • Solus leaflet distribution campaigns allow more targetting.
  • Better for date sensitive materials.
  • You get complete control over areas we deliver to (down to postcode level and when we deliver your promotional materials (weather and acts of God permitting :))

The Benefits of Shared Leaflet Distribution

  • Cheaper than solus leaflet distribution.
  • Great for getting an ongoing drip feed of enquiries
  • Ongoing shared leaflet delivery takes care of your marketing so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • A wide choice of areas to deliver to buy requires flexibility.
  • Great if looking to deliver to higher end areas only - on shared we only deliver to areas considered A,B,C1 type areas.


Example Solus Leaflet Distribution Jobs

To be delivered in and around Maryport

10000 leaflets distributed in the verwood, ringwood, cranborne areas.

OX16 0HS Centred on woodgreen leisure centre.


all areas

approx 4,500 A5 leaflets to be delivered to BA1 and BA2 within next week(by 2nd july) please advise availability and price thank you

45,000 brochures to Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Fishguard, Pembroke Dock, St Davids areas during first two weeks of August

2,000 leaflets. know what areas we want.

ch1 to ch2 to start

6000 leaflets in total (no duplicate deliveries over the weeks)

Solus Leaflet Distribution Examples

Solus Leaflet Delivery Case Study 1

A doctors surgery asked us to deliver 3,000 leaflets to promote their surgery in Tameside, Greater Manchester. They received 80 new patients over the course of the next two weeks as a result of their leaflet distribution campaign which was 80 percent more than they would normally expect if it had not been for the solus leaflet distribution campaign. This particular customer always puts a lot of thought into exactly where they want to target and now uses Trusty Leaflet Distribution regularly to promote their services and has added on an additional 4 more surgeries to promote via solus leaflet distribution.

Solus Leaflet Delivery Case Study 2

A garden centre in Cheshire promoted their leaflet delivery via solus leaflet distribution. They had a fabulous marketing plan with a simple card which they had printed and placed into an envelope (it looked a little like a wedding invitation), with no address on the outside. They received 140 responses to their 'have a free coffee and cake in our cafe' campaign from just 10,000 leaflets delivered.