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At Trusty Leaflet Distribution we are always looking for good distributors to entrust our clients leaflets to. 

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What makes a good leaflet distributor??

1)         Someone who enjoys walking.  A leaflet distributor can be walking for up to 8 hours per day (dependent upon how many leaflets they deliver over a week for us), so naturally they need to enjoy walking.  They need to be physically fit and active and enjoy the outdoors.  They need to not be deterred when it rains or even snows (within reason).

2)         Someone who is organised.  A good leaflet distributor needs to be organised and be able to plan their schedule to cover their distribution for that week.  Many of our clients have deadlines and have offers on leaflets which are date sensitive therefore a leaflet distributor who procrastinates over when they will deliver their leaflets is no good to Trusty Leaflet Distribution.  We need leaflet distributors who are raring to go and have planned their week around their leaflet distribution committments.  A good leaflet distributor needs to treat their leaflet distribution with Trusty Leaflet Distribution UK as a real commitment to themselves, the company and the companies that they are delivering leaflets for. 

3)         Someone who is good with paperwork.  A good distributor needs to be able to accurately record the street names that they have covered and submit a leaflet distribution delivery report detailing where they have delivered to.  They need to have the discipline to submit this report to us when we require it, not when they feel like it.  Clients demand answers.  It is simply not good enough to vaguely claim that you have covered an area when the client wants to know which streets have been covered.  We need to be able to answer customers queries and report back to them accurately.  Therefore part of being a good leaflet distributor involves keeping and submitting accurate leaflet delivery records.

4)         Someone who is realistic with the amount of time that they can commit to leaflet distribution.  We often get applications from people who claim to be able to commit 60 hours per week to leaflet distribution.  These type of applications are clearly unrealistic and we never accept applications from these type of applicants.  A good leaflet distributor needs to have a minimum of 8 hours per week to do a very part time distribution rising to up to 35 hours per week for leaflet distributors who are more committed to larger quantities of leaflet deliveries. 

5)         Someone who is flexible and able to work as part of a leaflet distribution team.  From time to time we may get a large leaflet distribution job that we need to fulfil and this is when we call upon our many leaflet distributors to see if they are able to travel to another area or possibly increase the quantities of leaflets that they deliver for us as a one off or maybe for a week or two.  Sometimes we commit leaflet distributors to an area and they then are unable to complete the distribution. This gives us a real job to reorganise the leaflet distribution quickly for the client which can create un-necessary problems which can be avoided.  We need to only work with people who are prepared to jump onboard so that the company can meet its contractual commitments to clients and fulfil leaflet delivery orders as required. 

6)         Someone who has their own transport.  Again, from time to time we get applications from people who use public transport to travel around.  Whilst we are not for one minute claiming that it is impossible to be a leaflet distributor if you cannot drive, we most certainly will not accept applications from people without their own transport.  Carrying leaflets from place to place on buses and trains just does not work for our leaflet distributors and as we are constantly receiving applications from people who can drive we are only able to accept those applications for processing. 





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