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There are so many different types of businesses who can benefit from letterbox marketing particularly if it is targeted to the types of households who typically will require their products or services. 

Generally customers of Trusty Leaflet Distribution are either looking for their leaflets to be delivered via letterbox marketing to either the A, B, C1 demographic groups (higher end properties, detached, high value semi detached and areas where a high content of professional or higher income earning families live), or the C2, D, E demographic groups (lower income families, skilled or semi skilled blue collar workers (e.g. tradespeople) and those families who are on benefits and very low income families. 

We have found that the type of companies who could benefit from leaflet delivery (letterbox marketing) to A, B, C1 properties are typically:

Ironing companies
Domestic cleaning companies
Nanny or au pair agencies
Beauty salons or spas
Health club membership
Upmarket kitchen and bathroom design companies
Lawn treatment companies
Upmarket building and building maintenance companies
Gardening services
Upholstery and interior design companies
Garden centres
Upmarket restaurants and catering services
Property management companies

We have found that the type of companies who could benefit from leaflet delivery to C2, D, E properties are typically:

Taxi companies
Take aways
Companies offering recruitment opportunities
Companies offering to purchase property
Companies offering debt management or loan companies

These are only examples and of course there are many exceptions to these. 

Of course, there are many reasons why companies would deliver using letterbox marketing to certain households and demographics are just one method of targeting.  Companies may need to specifically target a certain area due to the location of their business or the areas that they are able to provide their service (for example they might want to target homes via letterbox marketing within a certain number of miles radius of their restaurant or takeaway). 

Why not call us to discuss your letterbox marketing requirements.  We offer regular leafllet distribution services for customers (dependent upon existing leaflet distributions planned) and we also offer a campaign which covers all or most sectors within a general postcode via either shared leaflet distribution (subject to availability), or solus leaflet delivery.  For example, we periodically cover all sectors within the BL postcode (on average once per quarter), so for those companies looking for wide scale coverage over a full area we are able to accommodate. 

The next course of action is to call us to discuss your letterbox marketing requirements to ascertain whether we are able to meet the needs of your next leaflet delivery campaign. 






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