Postcode Sectors - How Do They Work

Every product or service should have a target market or audience. If you require we can take your leaflet_distribution campaign down to postcode sector level, therefore zooming in on the type of people that you want to get your message out to.

A postcode is made up of several parts:

A postcode district for example might be BL3

A postcode sector of BL3 might be BL3 7 (approximately 3,000 households per sector)

A postcode sector is then broken down even further into chunks of about 300 households for example BL3 7A might be around 300 households but at this level you are almost getting down to direct marketing levels and we aren’t usually able to provide such targeted leaflet distribution as this although it is certainly worth asking the question.

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On average, a postcode sector has approximately 3,000 households. Using a combination of our knowledge of various areas and various other data sources we can often provide demographic information regarding the type of households which make up a particular postcode sector. You can then ‘match’ the type of target audience you require with the postcode sectors that you want us to deliver your leaflets to. In this way, you aim to minimize wastage and maximise results and response.

We are also able to provide a new service, whereby we help you with a ‘trial’ campaign where you can ‘test’ several different postcode sectors across the geographical target area that you want to hit. You would then monitor your response across the areas that you have ‘trialled’ and ascertain which postcode sector has provided the best/most productive/most profitable return on your test campaign. We can then, using various data sources, aim to match the postcode sectors which provided you with the best return, to other sectors which have a similar type of household content. Again, in this way, we aim to hone down your marketing efforts so that we put some thinking behind your campaigns rather than simply hitting a whole area and hoping for the best. We aim to help you to work smart rather than simply work hard on your marketing campaigns at the least cost possible to you.

As our leaflet distributors tend to live in or near to the areas that you will be targeting they often know the area extremely well and they are all provided with maps of the postcode sectors that you want us to target for you when they deliver leaflets for you.

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