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Promotional flyers are a great way of developing your business.


Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that using leaflet distribution, 62-71% of consumers find door drops useful. 48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as a result of a door drop or leaflet distribution. 79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops.

A well targeted campaign using promotional flyers or leaflets can produce an extremely cost effective result with an excellent return on investment.

There are of course a few things you should take into consideration when opting to use promotional flyers or a leaflet distribution letterbox campaign to move your business forward. Bear in mind these are only tips but they may help.

a) YOUR LEAFLET DESIGN – ensure that your message is very clear. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by delivering a poorly designed flyer. You need to make sure that what you are selling is very plain to see. Your leaflet will be given a very limited amount of attention from the person picking it up from behind their door and in that limited time you need to ensure that whatever it is you want them to know about your product or service or offer gets their attention. If it does then the recipient will give more of their time to reading the rest of your leaflet and may even go so far as to take you up on your offer. Make sure your offer is in bold or large lettering with any other information in smaller lettering. Be careful if your offer has an expiry date as often people will keep leaflets or promotional flyers for years and if your offer had a two week expiry date from the date that it went out into the marketplace then it is very unlikely that you will get much in terms of response after that expiry date ended. There are some very good graphic designers out there. At Trusty Leaflet Distribution we have a very good graphic design team who can discuss your requirements and maybe throw around some ideas with you. Ultimately, though you need to know what you want to sell and relay that information on to the graphic designer so that they can do their job well. It’s always a good idea to ‘test’ a new leaflet or promotional flyer with a smallish quantity of leaflets, accurately monitoring response before looking to roll out your campaign with much bigger numbers. There is absolutely no point in spending thousands of pounds of your marketing budget on something that is never going to get the response you are looking for.

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b) WORK THE NUMBERS - Leaflet distribution often has a compounded effect if repeated regularly, with some potential customers responding to your leaflet on the day it was delivered to their property, other responding days after, others responding months after and even others responding years after. If you continue with leaflet distribution over a period of time the plan is that you will be getting an ongoing flow of enquiries from people who have received the leaflet or promotional flyer at any of the above stages. That said, if you have a poor leaflet design then regardless of how many times it gets delivered you are very likely to get a poor response and you need to look at the leaflet design again.

c) DEMOGRAPHICS – The most effective method of leaflet distribution is one which takes into consideration the type of housesholds you are delivering your leaflet to. If you are looking to sell a high ticket, upmarket product or service you are unlikely to receive the response you desire if your leaflets are delivered to an area where the majority of the households are inhabited by low income residents. This should be taken into consideration when planning your campaign. At Trusty Leaflet Distribution we have an extensive knowledge of areas and have access to all sorts of data regarding the demographics of postcode sectors.

d) GEOGRAPHY – If you business is in Leyland and it is a butchers shop it goes without saying that if your leaflets are delivered to Newcastle you are highly unlikely to get any business. It seems obvious, but some people do not take this into consideration when planning a campaign. It is really important that if you are geographically limited that you organise your campaign in line with that. View Infromation on leaflet distribution Manchester.

e) YOUR MARKET – If you have a limited market then you are less likely to get a response. For example, if you are a hypnotist who wants leaflets delivering then you are less likely to get a response than if you are a building maintenance company. More people are likely to need a plumber, plasterer, tiler, electrician, etc, etc, than a hypnotist. Bear this in mind when planning your campaign.

f) SEASONAL VARIATIONS – A very large factor to take into consideration when planning a campaign.

These are just tips and our opinion based on several years of door to door leaflet distribution.



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